The Vidette
1893 - 1904


The Vidette was a 3 masted barque. The ship was under contract to the Navarro Mill Company to carry timber.

My grandfather spent many wonderful boyhood days sailing with his father on board of the ship. One job aboard ship was to put bee's wax on the thread used by the sailors to repair sails. He was paid the GRAND sum of 5 cents a day. During one trip to Hilo, he learned to swim. The first mate had him ride on his back as he pattled through the water. Slowly, the mate sunk lower into the ocean until grandfather,then 10 years old, was swimming.

FOUND: The Museum of History and Industry in Seattle has the photo shown above of the Vidette under sail. Their kind, considerate, wonderful museum staff can help if you wish to have a copy of this barque.

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