Descendants of Richard Field

Generation No. 1

1. RICHARD1 FIELD was born 1836 in Virginia, and died April 28, 1904 in Tulare Co.. He married LOUISA CABELL FLOURNOY in Lawrenceville?, Brunswick County, Virginia, daughter of THOMAS FLOURNOY and FRANCIS VENABLE.

Richard Field joined the Confederate army on June 10, 1861. He fought in the battle of Gettysberg July 1-3, in which he was injured and taken prisoner on July 5. He was admitted July 22, 1893 to DeCamp General Hospital, Davids Island in New York harbor where he spent the remainder of the war. He was released May 23, 1865.

Richard Field came to California in 1868. In the long hot summer, he often visited Sequoia National Park. He found a General Serman tree, a General Grant tree and as a loyal southerner said "There should be a Robert E. Lee Tree!!" A plaque at the base of the tree reads "Named by Confederate Lt. Richard Field"


2. i.KATHRINE2 FIELD, b. March 23, 1867, VA; d. January 23, 1949.
ii.FRANCIS FIELD, b. August 29, 1869, VA; d. September 09, 1959; m. PAIGE.
3. iii.DAVID FIELD, b. 1870, Dinuba, Tulare Co., California.
4. iv.SALLIE FIELD, b. 1871.
v.MARY LOUISE FIELD, b. September 26, 1874, White River, Tulare Co., California; d. September 25, 1960, Imola, CA.
vii.EVE FIELD, b. April 23, 1877, Dinuba, Tulare Co., California; d. October 06, 1902; m. R. E. L. MORTON, April 27, 1898, Dinuba, CA.
viii.GEORGE FIELD, b. 1879.
5. ix.NONA FIELD, b. November 1880; d. February 24, 1966.
x.VENNA FIELD, b. 1881.
6. xi.ANNA FIELD, b. June 03, 1884, Dinuba, CA.

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