The Venus
1874 - 1881


Adams consulted Jerry Nicolas to make the model and molds for the ship. The two masted Schooner Venus was built in Point Arena. Adams hired shipwright, Elisha Wright and James Lemont, to supervise construction. Adams was very pleased with the results. At the time, his was the fastest schooner on the bay. On July 4, 1876, he entered the Master Mariners race which he won first prize in the non-member division. In later years, Adams went to Sandwich Islands to deliver wood and visit his brother James Dodd who was the chief of police in Hilo.

One dark day in January, Adams was at home taking care of business ashore. He left his first mate in charge and ordered the schooner to Navarro Creek to load wood. The crew decided to sleep ashore. That night when a storm came, the Venus parted her moorings and went ashore. With every wave, the rocky shore dug into her wooden hull, completely destroying her bottom. From the insurance money and borrowed funds, Adams Dodd was able to build a new schooner, the Howard.

FOUND!! Thanks to a kind person named Milton Jr., I now have a copy of the painting by Joseph Semple. This painting was made from drawings brought to Belfast, Ireland in 1876 by Adams brother James.

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